Exor state-of-the-art HMI devices.

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Safety and security
Safety and security is important in every building, whether it is used privately or commercially. Did you really turn off the iron or the coffee machine before leaving the house? Are you distracted by uninvited guests? Will the smouldering fire in the basement be noticed in time?

If only some things could be taken care of at the touch of a button. For example, raising all the blinds first thing in the morning. Or activating the screen, data projector and dimming in the office all at once.

Times change: The guest room becomes a child's bedroom. An openplan office is created from many smaller offices. A terrace becomes a winter garden. So life can be a lot more straightforward if your electrical installation can also be adapted quickly and easily.

Here is potential for saving money in every building. With DomiOP, you can take advantage of this. Exor operator panels help you control building functions such as heating and lighting in a systematic way. For example: when the windows are open, the heating is automatically shut down; or, the lighting is only activated when someone enters the room.

Easy System Integration
Make use of the possibilities of this intelligent home & building system technology KNX for your professional success! The needs of your customers change constantly. They want independence, and they require compatible system solutions that have a future. High convenience, low power consumption and great reliability: those are the primary demands of today’s customers for modern building services. With the innovating Home & Building control KNX, you can realize multiple interdependent functions.