The easiest and most powerful way to create user interface applications! ...JMobile is the complete solution for your needs, check the overview and play with our on-line demo!

What is JMobile? 

JMobile is a suite of software products that allows you to create and display graphical HMIs on panels, PCs and mobile devices.

JMobile is built from the core using Internet standard technologies including a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) engine that offers one of the best graphics engines on the market. Fully graphical displays are created using a simple drag and drop editor. A large library of pre-built graphical symbols make easy to visualize your data. The same graphical display can be shown on an embedded panel, on the web and on many mobile and cellular devices.

Monitor your building 24/7 from anywhere. JMobile allows you to stay connected with your alarm systems, heating and cooling systems, IT infrastructure and other automation systems. JMobile can be adapted to all common building communication networks. Install the JMobile server in the building and, whenever a problem arises, you will be immediately contacted via SMS or email, based on your preferences. On receiving an alarm, simply bring up a graphical HMI page of the system directly from your cell phone.